PostParadigm Marketing and Communications Consulting
Marketing, Communications, Strategic Development
Don’t wander aimlessly. Don’t rush off in the wrong direction.
Take your next step with us.


We don’t know your business. You do.



So we never start the conversation. We listen. We trust your gut. We glean the important lessons from your hard won experience. And then we give you something you can’t get any other way … a fresh perspective.



We’ve found that whatever hurdles you’re facing, you probably don’t need much to get over them. You just need fresh eyes and some course correction. And a bit of on-the-job learning so you can increase and replicate your successes.



We can help you select the best path so your next step gets you closer to where you want to be.



Sometimes we spend an hour listening to a client and immediately discover a key element that has been missing from their messaging. It’s a quick and easy fix to get them back on track. Other times a business has drifted pretty far afield from what they really want, and we help them redesign a new success map from the inside out.



We’ve got decades of marketing, communications, and business development experience. But with everything changing so rapidly, and new business tools emerging constantly demanding you pay attention and make changes, all that experience only gets you so far.



The old business models are making way for innovative new approaches. That puts pressure on you to keep up. But it can also be an exciting time rich with opportunities.



Our creative and collaborative mindset – along with our desire to know you and what you really want to make happen – is the key to unearthing the type of strategic solutions able to elevate your business or organization to the next level of success.



We can bring a fresh perspective to your marketing and communications, eliminate struggle, and pave an easier path for you to effortlessly reach your business – and life – goals.


We help you:

  • Clean up your messaging and get your brand working for you

  • Stop wasting time and focus where you’ll get the best return on effort

  • Understand big and small data to take better control of your marketing

  • Build a sensible, easy-to-manage communications strategy that gets results

  • Write copy that tells a story and converts

Tell us what you want. We'll help you get there.
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As friends and colleagues for more than twenty five years, Erin and Val have 

successfully worked with businesses and organizations of all types and sizes.