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You're a content producer. You need stories, but finding the good ones can be tricky and time consuming.
You want your work to matter. Everything you do leaves an imprint on the world. The best indie professionals are using their skills to spread ideas that can make good things happen. 
Cause-based content is hot. People are overwhelmed and frustrated. They turn to you for escape and entertainment. But more and more they want answers and a path to action.  
This is the fastest way to get good stories and do good with them. Every changemaker has a story. Most have great ones. This year we're bringing them and their stories directly to you at ITVFest. 
Get special access and introductions. Don't just wander around the screenings hoping to bump into a great deal. You can search our online event space and introduce yourself to a social entrepreneur or non profit that cares about the same things you do. Or ask us to facilitate an intro!
Collaborating with Changemakers coming to ITVFest can help you get the best stories and connections while you're in Vermont.
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