Unleash Your Power to Change the World

Max Your Impact Through Video Storytelling


September 26 - 28, 2014


Everyone knows video is a great medium for reach and impact, but it can be costly to produce, and finding the right film partner is a challenge.  The excitement of starting a video campaign ends too often with a sinking feeling as you watch the result of all your efforts and think, "It's just not what I hoped it would be."


And if you don't have your messaging just right, it's time and money wasted.


This year a unique collaboration is changing how video-for-social-good is being produced. We've joined forces with a major TV and film festival to connect you to professionals who are eager to get your message out and know how to do it well.


But you need more than just great connections.


You've got to discover the power behind your story and how to use it to get your message out into the world in a way that delivers the return you want.  


Storytelling is powerful. It can reach deep into the psyche, shake loose decades of encrusted thinking, and resonate within the cells of a body to electrify action. Or not.


Is your story ready? Can your story scale change?



Your story is inspiring and powerful.

But you've got to get it tailored, targeted, and told.

Are you a change maniac?


You know who you are. You never stop thinking or caring, and you know we can make the world better to reclaim the future.


Most of us change maniacs have a good story -- or were inspired to action by a really great one.


Is yours a deeply personal tale of transformation? Or a vision that's a bit difficult to articulate but seems to have the power to sweep up others in your cause? Sometimes it's a series of almost accidental successes that make you look back one day and think, "Wow, is that my story?"


Everybody seems to be talking about story.


And if you are . . .  


growing a social enterprise

launching a B-Corporation

running a non profit, or

developing a cause related project


then you've certainly given careful thought and probably done some work on how to share the story of your organization's purpose.


But what if you're not doing the best possible job to tell your story well? That could be holding you back from delivering the change your community and the world needs from you now.


Change mania is a powerful. But passion, drive, and hard work aren't enough to get you to your highest level. If you're going to impact the world's problems and be a catalyst for change, then you need more.


You need to understand the power of your story and learn how to tease it apart and repackage it to have more impact with less effort. That's where Scaling Change comes in.

We think you're pretty smart.

Your story is probably ninety percent there. The missing ten percent is what can make it work miracles for you.


Costly consulting fees or late nights online trying to DIY your message are unnecessary. You just need a little collaboration and course correction.


You know your business, your goals, your corner of the world and how to make it better. We know how to help you excavate your passion and polish your persuasion.


All it should take is a little prep work and three mornings in Vermont.

At ITVFest, you'll be surrounded by opportunity. But if you don't know what a potential video partner needs, or what to say when you meet one, what's the point?
get prepped
Don't worry. You'll be "deal ready" and prepared to act. Our pre-event modules are quick, easy guides and exercises. We'll walk you through the valuable first steps to ensure you arrive ready to run.
expose yourself
Get connected in advance! Your registration profile is your personal advert to the film community. Follow our guides to quickly share your social good interests and business profile. Your contact info is private. When a filmmaker messages you, decide if you want to share your name and email. 
size matters
Change makers and film makers can be great partners, but the fit has to be right. More established social change agents and businesses tend to do well with credentialed film professionals. Smaller socialpreneurs match well with emerging artists eager to create. Our "economies of size" program will help you find your best match.
coffee date
We asked film makers what they need from you to be able to connect successfully. Our deal tent will be equipped with meeting spaces so you can sit down and hash out some details. Plus we will have all the tools you need to sign on the dotted line right there at ITVFest.  
The coffee's on us. 




Sept. 26-28, 2014
Dover, VT


Collaborative Working Sessions 9am-noon daily


Interactive Panels Helping You Solve Problems


Afternoon Labs on Key Business Issues


Networking with Filmmakers Noon till Night


Access to the Best of Indie Film Screenings



Can you get to the Deal?

Featured Panelists

Keynote Speaker

Ami Dar

Executive Director & Founder of Idealist.org
Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ami was born in Jerusalem, grew up in Peru and Mexico, and lives in New York. As a child he witnessed extreme poverty that he says turned him into a "little social justice freak." His experiences as an Israeli paratrooper, along with an epiphany he had while hiking in Chile, led him to believe that all people should be able to lead free and dignified lives.  


To further that vision, in 1996 he built Idealist with $3,500 to connect people and resources so that anyone anywhere could take action to help others.  Idealist is now the leading non profit resource for people seeking careers and volunteer opportunities in the social impact sector with more than 100,000 site visitors daily. 


In 2000 the Stern Family Fund selected Ami as its annual Public Interest Pioneer, awarding him a $100,000 grant. In 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005, the Nonprofit Times included Ami in its annual list of the 50 most influential people in the nonprofit sector, and in 2004 Ashoka invited him to join its global fellowship of social entrepreneurs. In 2005 Time magazine name him a Philanthropy Innovator, and in 2006 the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business awarded Ami its annual Leadership in Social Entrepreneurship Award.


Ami epitomizes the spirit of social entrepreneurship and we are very excited to have such an engaging and inspired speaker at this event. 

These talented panelist will be helping you craft your story.

Julie Fahnsetock

Writer for Just Means and 3BL, she applies marketing and business development expertise for B Corps success. MBA from Marlboro in Managing for Sustainability.


Amy Avergun

Director of Product Development at Achieve Global and Zenger Miller. Skilled at "brain friendly" instructional design, translating dense content into enjoyable material, and helping people see things in new ways.


Lizabeth Phelps

As founder of Inspired Leaders Academy, she turns visionary entrepreneurs into inspired thought leaders who shatter the status quo with one-of-a-kind branding and messaging.

Amit Sharma


Social entrepreneur, impact investor, and professor of Social Enterprise at the Montery Institute 

Amit is involved in forming Empowerment Capital which will leverage the power of institutional capital to support viable commercial solutions to alleviate poverty.


He's also assisting in the development of the Risk Assistance Network and Exchange, an inter-disciplinary network of experts to deliver shared solutions to multi-faceted global risk challenges facing private, public, non-profit and development institutions.  


Formerly Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury, and Chief of Staff for Mitsubishi UFJ Securities (USA), Inc



Shel Horowitz 


Author, speaker, consultant, and green/ethical marketing expert

Shel is an Award winning best selling author of eight books including, Frugal Marketing and Guerilla Marketing Goes Green, Shel has been teaching businesses how to save and make money for thirty years. He's an inductee to the National Environmental Hall of Fame and started the first business in the world to achieve Gold Level Certification from Green America.


Called a "marketing genius" by Joe Vitale, his many speaking credits include a TEDx talk on the theme of business profiting by creating a better world, Forum Davos in Switzerland, Association for Business Communication International Conference, and the Sustainable Fodds Summit. Shel's been cited in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, and Bottom Line and has been published in the Washington Post and the Boston Globe.


David Snyder


Social Entrepreneur and leader of multiple successful ventures

David has launched and, as CEO or Chairman, led multiple successful companies including CIRRIC, Acero, Snyder International Brewing Group, and his current company, Realscape Group, which is a nationally recognized leader in supporting domestic repositioning and on-shoring trends.


In 2010, David became a social entrepreneur, without even knowing the term, when he founded RuralLogic to reshore jobs to economically disadvantaged American communities by developing partnerships between universities and corporations and creating training programs and economic development incentives.


Elina St. Onge

This  bloggger, author. and filmmaker has travelled extensively filming for her upcoming documentary. She's a fresh young take on the new face of social change.


Claudia Krimsky

Our Dir. of Strategic Partnerships and Development, she was Executive Director for TEDxNewEngland, co-founder and EVP of a successful boutique ad agency, and Director of Direct Marketing at Mullen.


Dina Friedman 

Teaches business communication at the Isenberg School of Management at UMASS Amherst. Award winning YA author, writing consultant, and frequent conference presenter on business writing.



At Scaling Change you will ~      


  • Dig into your story’s meaning and why it matters
  • Understand your story as the key to your branding
  • Use elements of your story to make it relevant to different audiences
  • Learn to “quick-pitch” and engage potential funders
  • Get experience approaching media professionals
  • Discover what film professionals are looking to produce right now
  • Learn creative work-arounds to make video production affordable 
Getting your story told well upscales your impact.


We want to help you increase your ability to reach your goals and change the world. This year, ITVFest has paired with Scaling Change to create an innovative approach for you to develop your message while connecting with people who want to get your story told. We start each day of the three-day ITVFest with carefully curated presenters & creative un-conference activities. 



From morning coffee chats to pen-in-hand workshops, you’ll grasp practical strategies to tell your story in ways that can scale your do-good projects and businesses. Forge your ideas in our collaborative firestorm. Learn how to make a meager budget work bigger with creative use of video.  Hone your story-line and walk away with ready-to-implement approaches to getting your message heard. 


You do things differently, and so do we.


There's no business as usual when you mission is to make the world a better place. You've got to be creative, collaborative, and willing to try things out. We asked people just like you what they wished for. And we also asked presenters what they wished they could do more of to help you. Then we put it together in a brand new format.  

right in the game not on the sidelines


With a month of pre-event prep and online networking, you’ll hit the grounds running. You need to take your best shot at telling your story well and making critical connections. We’re going to get you ready to do the job. 


talking points not talking heads


Experts are great but hands-on actual problem solving is better. And who are the experts anyway? You’re changing the nature of business as we know it. You don’t need to listen to someone else’s idea of success. You just need someone to bring out the genius in you. 


working groups not wasted time


We won’t waste your time with a bunch of ideas that aren’t relevant to your immediate business needs. Roll up your sleeves and we’ll tell you what you've got to know right now.


facetime not dreamtime


“Wouldn’t it be great if . . . . “ Wake up and smell the high altitude, fair trade, organically grown opportunities. We are putting you in front of real live filmmakers coming to this field in Vermont to find themselves a story to tell. Pinch yourself, stop dreaming, and register now!










Come for Scaling Change, Stay for ITVFest

Your weekend includes the full Indie Television and Film Fest weekend! Stick around for the iTVFest activities every afternoon and evening and make some new friends. View the best films the indie world has on tap. Hobnob with documentarians and party with producers. It’s all about the power of story and getting together to change the world. Plus green fields, rollicking rivers, and the glow of late September in glorious Vermont.

Get Your Room at the Inn

ITVFest draws more than a thousand film professionals to the tiny town of West Dover. If you want a prime spot at a charming inn just steps to the festival, don't delay! Get your badge now and we'll email you info on rooms with your registration confirmation. Ample additional rooms at all price ranges are available in nearby Mt. Snow. 



This is the Place to Close the Deal

Producers are actively seeking collaborators. Documentary makers want great stories. And the indie sector is known for forward thinking, change making, and supporting causes. We place you right in the middle of television, film, and web video's most exciting event.
  • Get experience approaching industry professionals
  • Discover what types of projects producers are searching for right now
  • Learn creative work-arounds to make video marketing affordable 

Upscale Your Message  

Whip out your phone and show us your vision, your passion, your succinct and inspiring two minute message in a simple video capture. Before the event even begins, we'll get it in front of indie media folks who are seeking stories for social change. And when you arrive, we’ll work with you to make your mini video pitch even better. (We’ll provide more details when you register.)




                            Up Your Social Change Impact!











Got a plan to change the world? Storyline for social good? Ready to dig in deeper to make a difference? Join us this September in Vermont – a legendary location for spawning successful social endeavors – and get to scale with your ideas. 

September 26-28, 2014