We get your story maximum impact and reach. 

Regardless of medium or the scope of your project, all filmmakers need the same thing in the end – an audience. But the type of work it takes to build an audience is the last thing filmmakers want to do.


At least that's what you've told us. 


Almost all the content creatives we've interviewed say they know digital/social marketing is essential to success but they don't know how to begin, don't enjoy doing it, or feel they don't have enough time, so it doesn't get done. 


But producers and distribution outlets are expecting you to come to the table with at least some sort of demonstration that the project is capable of social engagement-style audience development.


We're about to make it much easier for you. And instead of hating it, you'll have this amazing feeling that you are helping yourself while you make good things happen on our planet too. 




Building Relationships?



Filmmakers, meet Changemakers. 

Changemakers are on a mission to engage and mobilize as many people as they can to serve their causes. They're penetrating the digital socialverse with passion.

So why not work with them?


Every story ever told has some point of relevance to a social cause. Sometimes many. Sometimes the entire point of the project is to get people to think about themselves or a human issue in a new way.


We find touchpoints in your script where there is a natural organic fit with a social cause message and help you leverage that to develop relationships with changemakers and their organizations. These alliances strategically build and expand a passionately engaged audience base. 


It's good growth for everyone involved. We call it Screening Change. 


We work with your words. There's no corrupting your story or injecting dissonant notes. We search out the moments already present in your narrative that lend themselves naturally to a "social good story placement" element. It could be as simple as one of your extras wearing a cause related t-shirt or as carefully crafted as a lead character working for a nonprofit or having an activist friend. You can dip your toe in the water or deep dive into a robust social good partnership.  


The Creative's Dilemma:

Digital or Die

We have the social strategies you need

Social shouldn't be your biggest hurdle. 

Building a digital audience online could be the single biggest factor in your project's success. But we hear all the time that this is also the biggest stumbling block for content creators. 

You've got content, you overflow with ideas, and you love interacting with people. So . . . what's the problem with social?

The foundation for all digital marketing is data and systems. Without those fundamentals in place, you can't get any traction -- and you can't attract the audience you need to succeed. That's why we've put together a proven approach to digital media marketing that we will help you implement.

Together we provide everything from an easy-in, turn-key package to get small indies off the ground to a full-service customized strategy designed to blow up the digital landscape and make scrutinizing investment pros mighty confident. 

Stop struggling with social. 


We understand activism and can carefully select a change-making partner that fits your project and your dreams. 


Go ahead ... feel your potential. 

A well-crafted social good partnership isn't just about your capacity to grow an audience and attract financing. It's about having an impact – in your neighborhood or half-way around the world. 


You can help an organization reach their goals as much as they can help you. You can attract talent based on philanthropic ideals. You can influence the social issues that matter the most to you. 


Caring about the world and wanting to use our careers to create positive social change is what made us imagine that changemakers and filmmakers could come together this way. What do you imagine? 




"We were blown away." 

"All around us filmmakers and industry veterans were brainstorming about how we could use TV for positive social change."

Expose your change-making at ITVFest.

We launched ScalingChange at the 2014 Independent Television and Film Festival in West Dover, VT. This year we will be back at ITVFest as ScreeningChange with a tighter focus on helping content creators understand how to work with social good elements in their stories and projects.


Indie creatives have already been a force for transforming what we watch and how we watch it. They go beyond thinking outside "the box" and are pushing the stream in new directions.


ITVFest is committed to cultivating and building social good momentum from within the indie community. Together we will be putting the spotlight on content creators who want to learn how to use their "screen time" for social good impact. Join us.


Hi, I'm Valerie

With more than 30 years of experience in marketing, small business development, nonprofit management, and educational and human development program design and delivery, Valerie has taught small businesses and nonprofits how to express themselves well and achieve their business goals. She launched and was Executive Director of a 501(c)3 and managed a $1.5 Million annual giving program for Boston University. She’s experienced with launch strategies, branding, organizational growth, marketing, and communications.


“I started doing this when I realized how many passionate people who care about our world and each other were struggling to break through. By joining forces everyone's work gets elevated and it's so much easier to succeed."

I'm Erin

Erin has more than 25 years experience with a unique combination of business development, account management and public relations experience with top agencies including Digitas, NW Ayer and EMI Strategic Marketing. She brings several years of nonprofit consulting, event management, database and website design experience. Along with being a Producer at ITVFest, she brings superior social networking skills.


“There’s no challenge that can’t be overcome. I never stop thinking of ways to solve problems and I enjoy finding the less-than-obvious solution to help my clients relax and achieve more than they thought was possible.”

Brian Brown, Account Executive

Brian manages our in-house social media and public relations. He graduated from Haverford College with honors in Comparative Literature. As a poet with public relations experience in multiple languages – including an internship with a Chilean science education organization – Brian brings a unique perspective and intelligent voice to our digital footprint .

and I'm Brian



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